Peer-reviewed Articles, Book chapters, and Monographs


Biondi, F. From dendrochronology to allometry. Forests 11 (2), art. 146 (17 pp.), doi: 10.3390/f11020146 (ARTICLE in PDF format - about 2.1 Mb).

Kilpatrick, M. and F. Biondi. Post-wildfire regeneration in a sky-island mixed-conifer ecosystem of the North American Great Basin. Forests 11(9), art. 900 (17 pp.), doi: 10.3390/f11090900 (ARTICLE in PDF format - about 2.4 Mb).

Liu, X. and F. Biondi. Transpiration drivers of high-elevation five-needle pines (Pinus longaeva and Pinus flexilis) in sky-island ecosystems of the North American Great Basin. Science of the Total Environment 739, art. 139861 (12 pp.), doi: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2020.139861 (ARTICLE in PDF format - about 2.2 Mb).

Ziaco, E., N. Miley, and F. Biondi. Reconstruction of seasonal and water-year precipitation anomalies from tree-ring records of the southwestern United States. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 547, art.109689 (11 pp.), doi: 10.1016/j.palaeo.2020.109689 (ARTICLE in PDF format - about 2.7 Mb).

Huang, J.-G., Q. Ma, S. Rossi, F. Biondi, and other 47 authors. Photoperiod and temperature as dominant environmental drivers triggering secondary growth resumption in Northern Hemisphere conifers. PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences) 117(34): 20645-20652 (ARTICLE in PDF format - about 1.3 Mb).


Biondi, F. and D. Meko. Long-term hydroclimatic patterns in the Truckee-Carson Basin of the eastern Sierra Nevada, USA. Water Resources Research 55(7): 5559–5574 (ARTICLE in PDF format - about 1.7 Mb).


Cameletti, M. and F. Biondi. Hierarchical modeling of space-time dendroclimatic fields: Comparing a frequentist and a Bayesian approach. Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research 51(1): 115–127 (ARTICLE in PDF format - about 1.7 Mb).

Piovesan, G., F. Biondi, M. Baliva, G. De Vivo, V. Marchiano, A. Schettino, and A. Di Filippo. Lessons from the wild: Slow but increasing long-term growth allows for maximum longevity in European beech. Ecology 100(9), art. e02737 (4 pp.), doi: 10.1002/ecy.2737 (ARTICLE in PDF format - about 1.2 Mb).

Piovesan, G., F. Biondi, M. Baliva, G. De Vivo, V. Marchiano, A. Schettino, and A. Di Filippo. Slow growth leads to longevity in temperate hardwoods. Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America 100(3), art.e01560 (6 pp.), doi: 10.1002/bes2.1560 (ARTICLE in PDF format - about 3.2 Mb).

Piovesan, G., F. Biondi, M. Baliva, A. Dinella, L. Di Fiore, V. Marchiano, E. Presutti Saba, G. De Vivo, A. Schettino, and A. Di Filippo. Tree growth patterns associated with extreme longevity: Implications for the ecology and conservation of primeval trees in a changing world. Anthropocene 26, art.100199 (14 pp.), doi: 10.1016/j.ancene.2019.100199 (ARTICLE in PDF format - about 3.9 Mb).


Kilpatrick, M., J. Roberts, and F. Biondi. Fire history of an old-growth ponderosa pine stand in the Sheep Range, Desert National Wildlife Refuge, Nevada, USA. Tree-Ring Research 75(2): 127–138 (ARTICLE in PDF format - about 1.8 Mb).

Truettner, C., M.D. Dettinger, E. Ziaco, and F. Biondi. Seasonal analysis of the 2011–2017 North American Monsoon near its northwest boundary. Atmosphere 10(7), art. 420 (18 pp.), doi: 10.3390/atmos10070420 (ARTICLE in PDF format - about 8.0 Mb).

Ren, P., E. Ziaco, S. Rossi, F. Biondi, P. Prislan, and E. Liang. Growth rate rather than growing season length determines wood biomass in dry environments. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 271: 46-53 (ARTICLE in PDF format - about 4.1 Mb).

Quarta, G., A. Di Filippo, L. Calcagnile, M. D’Elia, F. Biondi, E. Presutti Saba, M. Baliva, G. De Vivo, A. Schettino, and G. Piovesan. Identifying the 993-994 CE Miyake event in the oldest dated living tree in Europe. Radiocarbon 61: 1317-1325 (ARTICLE in PDF format - about 0.8 Mb).


Ziaco, E. and F. Biondi. Stem circadian phenology of four pine species in naturally contrasting climates from sky-island forests of the western USA. Forests 9 (7), art.396 (21 pp.), doi: 10.3390/f9070396 (ARTICLE in PDF format - about 4.1 Mb).

Piovesan, G., F. Biondi, M. Baliva, L. Calcagnile, G. Quarta, and A. Di Filippo. Dating old hollow trees by applying a multistep tree-ring and radiocarbon procedure to trunk and exposed roots. MethodsX 5: 495-502 (ARTICLE in PDF format - about 2.5 Mb).

Piovesan, G., F. Biondi, E. Presutti Saba, M. Baliva, L. Calcagnile, G. Quarta, M. D’Elia, G. De Vivo, A. Schettino, and A. Di Filippo. The oldest dated tree of Europe lives in the wild Pollino massif: Italus, a strip-bark Heldreich's pine. Ecology 99 (7): 1682-1684 (ARTICLE in PDF format - about 1.7 Mb). Here is a NEWS REPORT, and here is ANOTHER; our discovery was featured in the SMITHSONIAN MAGAZINE and also in NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, with slightly different versions in the SPANISH NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC and in the ITALIAN NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC.

Ziaco, E., C. Truettner, F. Biondi, and S. Bullock. Moisture-driven xylogenesis in Pinus ponderosa from a Mojave Desert mountain reveals high phenological plasticity. Plant, Cell & Environment 41 (4): 823–836 (ARTICLE in PDF format - about 1.6 Mb).

Truettner, C., W.R.L. Anderegg, F. Biondi, G.W. Koch, K. Ogle, C. Schwalm, M.E. Litvak, J.D. Shaw, and E. Ziaco. Conifer radial growth response to recent seasonal warming and drought from the southwestern USA. Forest Ecology and Management 418: 55–62 (ARTICLE in PDF format - about 1.0 Mb).

Hacket-Pain, A.J., D. Ascoli, G. Vacchiano, F. Biondi, L. Cavin, M. Conedera, I. Drobyshev , I. Dorado Liñán, A.D. Friend, M. Grabner, C. Hartl, J. Kreyling, F. Lebourgeois, T. Levanic, A. Menzel, E. van der Maaten, M. van der Maaten-Theunissen, L. Muffler, R. Motta, C.-C. Roibu, I. Popa , T. Scharnweber, R. Weigel, M. Wilmking, and C. Zang. Climatically controlled reproduction drives inter-annual growth variability in a temperate tree species. Ecology Letters 21(12): 1833-1844 (ARTICLE in PDF format - about 1.5 Mb).

Devitt, D., B. Bird, B. Lyles, L. Fenstermaker, R. Jasoni, S. Strachan, J. Arnone, F. Biondi, S. Mensing, and L. Saito. Assessing near surface hydrologic processes and plant response over a 1600 m mountain valley gradient in the Great Basin, NV, U.S.A. Water 10 (4), art.420 (21 pp.), doi:10.3390/w10040420 (ARTICLE in PDF format - about 13.6 Mb).


Di Filippo, A., F. Biondi, G. Piovesan, and E. Ziaco. Tree-ring based metrics for assessing old-growth forest naturalness. Journal of Applied Ecology 54 (3): 737–749 (ARTICLE in PDF format - about 0.9 Mb; JOURNAL COVER PAGE). Also a BLOG POST by Nathalie Butt, Associate Editor for the journal.

Schwalm, C., W.R.L. Anderegg, A.M. Michalak, J.B. Fisher, F. Biondi, G. Koch, M. Litvak, K. Ogle, J.D. Shaw, A. Wolf, D.N. Huntzinger, K. Schaefer, R.Cook, Y. Wei, Y. Fang, D. Hayes, M. Huang, A. Jain, and H. Tian. Global patterns of drought recovery. Nature 548 (7666): 202-205 (ARTICLE in PDF format - about 5.7 Mb; JOURNAL COMMENTARY).


Ziaco, E. and F. Biondi. Tree growth, cambial phenology, and wood anatomy of limber pine at a Great Basin (USA) mountain observatory. Trees - Structure and Function 30: 1507–1521 (ARTICLE in PDF format - about 3.3 Mb).

Ziaco, E., F. Biondi, and I. Heinrich. Wood cellular dendroclimatology: Testing new proxies in Great Basin bristlecone pine. Frontiers in Plant Science - Functional Plant Ecology 7, art.1602 (13 pp.), doi: 10.3389/fpls.2016.01602 (ARTICLE in PDF format - about 4.7 Mb).

Ziaco, E., F. Biondi, S. Rossi, and A. Deslauriers. Environmental drivers of cambial phenology in Great Basin bristlecone pine. Tree Physiology 36: 818–831 (ARTICLE in PDF format - about 5.1 Mb).


Biondi, F. Dendrochronology, Volcanic Eruptions. In W.J. Rink and J.W. Thompson (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Scientific Dating Methods, Springer-Verlag, Berlin-Heidelberg. pp. 221-227 (CHAPTER in PDF format - about 0.1 Mb).

Biondi, F. and S. Rossi. Plant-water relationships in the Great Basin Desert of North America derived from Pinus monophylla hourly dendrometer records. International Journal of Biometeorology 59 (8): 939-953 (ARTICLE in PDF format - about 7.0 Mb).

Zang, C., and F. Biondi. treeclim: an R package for the numerical calibration of proxy-climate relationships. Ecography 38: 431–436 (ARTICLE in PDF format - about 1.0 Mb).


Saito, L., F. Biondi, R. Devkota, J. Vittori, and J. Salas. A water-balance approach for reconstructing streamflow using tree-ring proxy records. Journal of Hydrology 529(Part 2): 535–547 (ARTICLE in PDF format - about 1.7 Mb).

Salas, J.D., Z. Tarawneh, and F. Biondi. A hydrological record extension model for reconstructing streamflows from tree-ring chronologies. Hydrological Processes 29 (4): 544–556 (ARTICLE in PDF format - about 1.0 Mb).

Anderegg,W.R.L., C. Schwalm, F. Biondi, J.J. Camarero, G. Koch, M. Litvak, K. Ogle, J.D. Shaw, E. Shevliakova, A.P. Williams, A. Wolf, E. Ziaco, and S. Pacala. Pervasive drought legacies in forest ecosystems and their implications for carbon cycle models. Science 349 (6247), 528-532 (ARTICLE in PDF format - about 0.7 Mb).


Biondi, F. Paleoecology Grand Challenge. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution - Paleoecology 2: 1-3 (art. 50), doi: 10.3389/fevo.2014.00050 (ARTICLE in PDF format - about 0.3 Mb).

Biondi, F. Dendroclimatic reconstruction at kilometer-scale grid points: A case study from the Great Basin of North America. Journal of Hydrometeorology 15(2): 891-906 (ARTICLE in PDF format - about 3.1 Mb).

Biondi, F., M. Hay, and S. Strachan. The Tree-Ring Interpolation Model (TRIM) and its application to Pinus monophylla chronologies in the Great Basin of North America. Forestry 87(4): 582–597 (ARTICLE in PDF format - about 3.7 Mb).

Ziaco, E., F. Biondi, S. Rossi, and A. Deslauriers. Climatic influences on wood anatomy and tree-ring features of Great Basin conifers at a new mountain observatory. Applications in Plant Sciences 2 (10): art. 1400054 (13 pages), doi: 10.3732/apps.1400054 (ARTICLE in PDF format - about 4.1 Mb).

Ziaco, E., F. Biondi, S. Rossi, and A. Deslauriers. Intra-annual wood anatomical features of high-elevation conifers in the Great Basin, USA. Dendrochronologia 32 (4): 303–312 (ARTICLE in PDF format - about 3.8 Mb).

McLauchlan, K , P. E. Higuera, D. G. Gavin, S. S. Perakis, M. C. Mack, H. Alexander, J. Battles, F. Biondi, B. Buma, D. Colombaroli, S. Enders, D. R. Engstrom, F. S. Hu, J. R. Marlon, J. Marshall, M. McGlone, J. L. Morris, L. E. Nave, B. N. Shuman, E. Smithwick, D. H. Urrego, D. A. Wardle, C. J. Williams, J. J. Williams. Reconstructing disturbances and their biogeochemical consequences over multiple timescales. BioScience 64 (2): 105-116 (ARTICLE in PDF format - about 0.7 Mb).


Biondi, F. The fourth dimension of interdisciplinary modeling. Journal of Contemporary Water Resources Education (JCWRE) 152 (1): 42-48 (ARTICLE in PDF format - about 0.07 Mb).

Biondi, F. and M. Bradley. Long-term survivorship of single-needle pinyon (Pinus monophylla) in mixed-conifer ecosystems of the Great Basin, USA. Ecosphere 4 (10): art.120 (19 pages), doi: 10.1890/ES13-00149.1 (ARTICLE in PDF format - about 6.8 Mb).

Zang, C., and F. Biondi. Dendroclimatic calibration in R: The bootRes package for response and correlation function analysis. Dendrochronologia 31: 68-74 (ARTICLE in PDF format - about 0.6 Mb).

Di Filippo, A., F. Biondi, E. Ziaco, and G. Piovesan. Dendroecological networks to investigate forest dynamics: The case of European beech in Italy. Pp. 134-143 in G. Helle, H. Gärtner, W. Beck, I. Heinrich, K.-U. Heußner, A. Müller, and T. Sanders (editors), TRACE – Tree Rings in Archaeology, Climatology and Ecology. Scientific Technical Report STR13/05, German Research Centre for Geosciences (GFZ), Potsdam, Germany (BOOK CHAPTER in PDF format - about 1.5 Mb).

Kilpatrick, M., F. Biondi, S. Strachan, and J.S. Sibold. Fire history of mixed conifer ecosystems in the Great Basin/Mojave Deserts transition zone, Nevada, USA. Trees - Structure and Function 27: 1789–1803 (ARTICLE in PDF format - about 1.2 Mb).

Strachan, S., F. Biondi, S.G. Lindström, R. McQueen, P.E. Wigand. Application of dendrochronology to historical charcoal-production sites in the Great Basin, United States. Historical Archaeology 47 (4): 103–119 (ARTICLE in PDF format - about 12 Mb).

Mensing, S., S. Strachan, J. Arnone, L. Fenstermaker, F. Biondi, D. Devitt, B. Johnson, B. Bird, and E. Fritzinger. A network for observing Great Basin climate change. Eos, Transactions American Geophysical Union 94 (11): 105-106 (ARTICLE in PDF format - about 1.4 Mb).


Biondi, F., and S. Strachan. Dendrohydrology in 2050: Challenges and Opportunities. Pp. 355-362 in W.M. Grayman, D.P. Loucks, and L. Saito (editors), Toward a Sustainable Water Future: Visions for 2050, American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Reston, Virginia. (BOOK CHAPTER in PDF format - about 0.7 Mb; ENTIRE BOOK in PDF format - about 20.9 Mb).

Strachan, S., F. Biondi, and J. Leising. A 550-year reconstruction of streamflow variability in Spring Valley, Nevada, USA. Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management 138: 326-333 (ARTICLE in PDF format - about 0.8 Mb).

Cheek, J.W., F. Biondi, J.S. Sibold, and R. Tausch. Fuel analysis and potential fire behavior in mixed conifer woodlands of the Great Basin, Nevada, USA. Physical Geography 33 (3): 205–228 (ARTICLE in PDF format - about 2.8 Mb).

Ziaco, E., F. Biondi, A. Di Filippo, and G. Piovesan. Biogeoclimatic influences on tree growth releases identified by the boundary line method in beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) populations of southern Europe. Forest Ecology and Management 286: 28–37 (ARTICLE in PDF format - about 1.3 Mb).

Di Filippo, A., F. Biondi, M. Maugeri, B. Schirone, and G. Piovesan. Bioclimate and growth history affect beech lifespan in the Italian Alps and Apennines. Global Change Biology 18: 960–972 (ARTICLE in PDF format - about 1.5 Mb).


Biondi, F., L. Jamieson, S. Strachan, and J. Sibold. Dendroecological testing of the pyroclimatic hypothesis in the central Great Basin, Nevada, USA. Ecosphere 2(1): art.5 (20 pp.), doi:10.1890/ES10-00068.1 (ARTICLE in PDF format - about 28.3 Mb).

Alessandrini, A., F. Biondi, A. Di Filippo, E. Ziaco, and G. Piovesan. Tree size distribution at increasing spatial scales converges to the rotated sigmoid curve in two old-growth beech stands of the Italian Apennines. Forest Ecology and Management 262: 1950–1962 (ARTICLE in PDF format - about 2.2 Mb).

Piovesan, G., A. Alessandrini, F. Biondi, A. Di Filippo, B. Schirone, and E. Ziaco. Bioclimatology, growth processes, longevity and structural attributes in an Italian network of old-growth beech forests spreading from the Alps to the Apennines. Pp. 173-192 in Knapp, H.D. and A. Fichtner (eds.), Beech Forests: Joint Natural Heritage of Europe, BfN-Skripten, Vol. 297, Federal Agency for Nature Conservation, Bonn, Germany (BOOK CHAPTER in PDF format - about 4.7 Mb).

Kleppe, J.A., D.S. Brothers, G.M. Kent, F. Biondi, S. Jensen, and N.W. Driscoll. Duration and severity of Medieval drought in the Lake Tahoe Basin. Quaternary Science Reviews 30: 3269-3279 (ARTICLE in PDF format - about 2.7 Mb).

McMahon Jr., M., S.M. Dascalu, F.C. Harris Jr., S. Strachan, and F. Biondi. Architecting Climate Change Data Infrastructure for Nevada. Pp. 354-365 in Salinesi, C. and O. Pastor (eds.), Advanced Information Systems Engineering Workshops CAISE-2011, Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing, LNBIP-83, Springer, London, UK (BOOK CHAPTER in PDF format - about 0.4 Mb).

Villalba, R., B.H. Luckman, J. Boninsegna, R. D. D'Arrigo, A. Lara, J. Villanueva-Diaz, M. Masiokas, J. Argollo, C. Soliz, C. LeQuesne, D.W. Stahle, F. Roig, J.C. Aravena, M.K. Hughes, G. Wiles, G. Jacoby, P. Hartsough, R.J.S. Wilson, E. Watson, E.R. Cook, J. Cerano-Paredes, M. Therrell, M. Cleaveland, M.S. Morales, N.E. Graham, J. Moya, J. Pacajes, G. Massacchesi, F. Biondi, R. Urrutia, and G. Martinez Pastur. Dendroclimatology from regional to continental scales: Understanding regional processes to reconstruct large-scale climatic variations across the Western Americas. Pp. 175-230 in Hughes, M.K., T.W. Swetnam, and H.F. Diaz (eds.), Dendroclimatology: Progress and Prospects, Series “Developments in Paleoenvironmental Research”, Vol. 11, Springer, New York (BOOK CHAPTER in PDF format - about 3.5 Mb).


Biondi, F., and P. Hartsough. Using automated point dendrometers to analyze tropical treeline stem growth at Nevado de Colima, Mexico. Sensors 10: 5827-5844 (ARTICLE in PDF format - about 0.4 Mb).

Solander, K., L. Saito, and F. Biondi. Streamflow simulation using a water-balance model with annually-resolved inputs. Journal of Hydrology 387: 46–53 (ARTICLE in PDF format - about 0.8 Mb).

Di Filippo, A., A. Alessandrini, F. Biondi, S. Blasi, L. Portoghesi, and G. Piovesan. Climate change and oak growth decline: Dendroecology and stand productivity of a Turkey oak (Quercus cerris L.) old stored coppice in Central Italy. Annals of Forest Science 67 (7): art. 706 (14 pp.), doi: 10.1051/forest/2010031 (ARTICLE in PDF format - about 2.5 Mb).

Snyder, K.A., R. Monnar, S.R. Poulson, P. Hartsough, and F. Biondi. Diurnal variations of needle water isotopic ratios in two pine species. Trees - Structure and Function 24: 585–595 (ARTICLE in PDF format - about 0.9 Mb).



Liu, X. and F. Biondi. Inter-specific transpiration differences between aspen, spruce, and pine in a sky-island ecosystem of the North American Great Basin. (submitted)

Piovesan, G. and F. Biondi. On tree longevity. New Phytologist Tansley Review (online, 20 pp.), doi: 10.1111/nph.17148 (ARTICLE in PDF format - about 8.5 Mb).

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